March 9, 2018
Employee Portrait – Gaëlle Dandoi
December 6, 2018

Ubisoft calls for Meduzarts’ expertise for the Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak cinematics

Montreal, March 27th, 2018 – For a fourteenth collaboration, Meduzarts and Ubisfoft teamed up to create cinematics for the brand new special seasons, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak. A total of ten high definition cutscenes and a top quality acclaimed teaser were produced by the Montreal studio.

Collaboration is one major aspect to Meduzarts’ work ethics, which helped them meet Ubisoft’s high-quality standards when they decided to use a relatively new technology to the industry: virtual reality. It was a first for Meduzarts who showed their true expertise. The intention was to get as close as possible to a film set feel and hand-held cameras. In order to achieve that, the focus was really localized on shooting the scenes, using motion capture through virtual reality technology.

To give life to the Rainbow Six Siege Operators was another challenge which Meduzarts was facing, as the characters never really had the chance to be showcased which such depth. “It was one hell of a ride, it was the first time we had to make them talk to each other”, says Pascal Ruest, Cinematics Director. Additionally, the context in which the campaign takes place was created solely for Outbreak’s purpose which brought a new level a complexity to the challenge: respecting the franchise within a completely new environment. Looking at the final results as well with the image play hid in the teaser, we can really witness the complicity the two studios developed through all the years

In order to promote the studio’s talent and to demystify its role throughout the game launch, Meduzarts’ team put together a series of three mini-documentaries that highlight different aspects of the cutscenes creation. The first one presents the animation’s technical side, the second one presented the reality of the collaboration and the third one showcased all the creative features that allowed the studio to give life to characters from Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak.

For more information on Outbreak, visit Meduzarts’ YouTube Channel.