Executive Producer

D eveloping ideas, talents and relationships has been my leitmotiv for the past 20 years to produce great content, in all areas of entertainment. My professional path has lead me to work passionately in music production, in commercials and TV shows production, and finally to CG and videogames production. The common ground of all these entertainment industries has always been that behind ideas, there are people with talents and just as passionate we need to connect with to get to the best possible achievement. Today, through Meduzarts, with my fellow colleagues and with our partners, that is what I deeply seek for: getting along with all of you folks, relate to each other, share our passion and just get to produce the best freaking gaming visual out there.

What can I say... I just love what I do!



I have evolved in the animation industry for the past 20 years. When I joined Meduzarts’ team 10 years ago, I quickly became a key member of the studio's foray into the world of CG animation. My artistic background and strong production philosophy became the gateway for new cinematic projects for the studio, developing relationships with worldwide players such as WB Games/Monolith (Shadow Of Mordor, Shadow Of War) and Ubisoft (Assasin's Creed Syndicate and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege).).

Being a yearlong marathoner, I know there is no use to rush to the finish line, preparation and a steady pace are the key.


Cinematics Director

L et's put this that way: I am right brained but with a quite good left brain awareness. In short, with over 20 years of experience in CG and animation, I have developed a strong capacity of being fully creative in a complete solution-finding mindset. Being passionate about acting, performance and cinematography, my experience in the video game and in the CG animation industries here in Montreal quickly lead me to fully invest myself in cinematic works. I'm a firm believer that a good production will shine from the quality of the production: how the camera silently narrates that story and how the image composition reinforces the feelings it needs to convey to the audience.

Storytelling is a great catalyst for production value, enabling all creative aspects of a cinematic to reach their full potential.


Associate Producer

B efore joining Meduzarts & Digital Dimension's teams in 2015, I spent most parts of my career producing community-oriented content for many of Ubisoft Montreal's IPs, giving me the opportunity to experiment on both sides of the camera, as well as live productions. This, paired with my early experiences in music video production and on-site coordination gives me great insight and help me get a better understanding as to what makes good content even better. I now consider myself fortunate enough to be able to combine my skills and my passion: giving life to great ideas on screen and the gaming industry.

If you're wondering which one's a skill and which one's a passion, just have a look at my K/D ratio...